Last updated July 2, 2018

Support Overview

The ACFamily Network is not owned, operated or funded by Air Canada or any other entity.  We have very close associations with Air Canada Pionairs, Canadian Aviation Historical Society (CAHS), Air Canada Recreation Association (ACRA), Quarter Century in Aviation Club and Project Northstar (among others). We also produce the ACFN NetLetter (or The NetLetter as it's better known as) twice a month with TCA, Air Canada and other Canadian Aviation memorabilia.

We provide limited support for Air Canada Employees and Retirees, with Air Canada retirees being our primary focus as they do not have easy access to other means of support. Our goal regarding support is to assist you in finding either publicly available information or providing tips on where you can find it. Those visitors that are ACFamily members have access to a wider range of help.

When providing help, we are aware of the fact that we cannot publicly provide any restricted information meant for employees/retirees use only. Also, some information changes so frequently that it would be best for you to go directly to the source rather than receiving outdated information from this site.

We have found that, in most cases, the support we provide here is sufficient to help you resolve any questions or problems you may be encountering regarding Air Canada Policies and Procedures, Pass Travel or other interline/airline related questions that may arise. If not, we can at least point you in the right direction.

We cannot reset any passwords for you on any site but this one. For password requests for the Aeronet or Employee travel site, we can guide you as to where to go and how to do this but cannot reset anything for you or on your behalf.

We are still in the process of rebuilding this site from scratch and in the future will be canvassing for volunteers to help provide support for our members as well.

The ACFN Team